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Dale’s Leatherworks

Seidel Oxblood Double Shot Rolltop Expedition Backpack with Lateral Cargo Compartments

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Made the way of the old world- by two human hands.

This particular backpack is ready to ship NOW!!!

The Leather: This bag is made of Seidel's Oxblood Double Shot. Double Shot is Seidel's version of Chromexcel; a hot stuffed chrome-tanned aniline pullup leather stuffed with oils and waxes which gives this leather "self healing" properties! It's buttery smooth to the touch and smells amazing. The Oxblood color is just the perfect shade of burgundy with cool tones of red revealing itself depending on the light. The color will lighten up over time if you don't apply conditioners to it and let it get lots of sun exposure!

Each Rolltop Expedition Pack I make takes roughly 40 full hours of work and over 9 full square feet of leather. I hand-stitch using the finest, highly prized Ritza Tiger thread.  Installed in each bag are solid brass roller buckles, 30+ rivets, and a thick O-ring. All rivets are reinforced with "leather washers" (small leather discs harvested from scrap which adds significant support to the rivets giving them higher density and reinforcement). Each bag will be fully lined with cotton. The rolltop design function is special for several reasons:

1) It pays homage to simpler times before the zipper, synthetic materials, and mass production were a thing. From what we know, original leather backpacks were built incorporating all natural raw materials and a robust utilitarian design.

2) Will not allow rain or moisture into the bag when properly closed.

3) Like other features of the bag, it relies on the proper tension of the enclosure straps to achieve a proper closure.

The best feature of the Expedition Pack is the special tension-distribution strap system, which is complicated in design but fits and feels amazing on your back! The tension distribution strap system offers 3 advantages that a standard backpack will not:

1) Makes for a balanced, ergonomic carry experience (fully adjustable to your individual dimensions)

2) Evenly distributes the tension from the bag's weight across a larger portion of the bag's body, (across 14 TOTAL RIVETS) reducing the likelihood of a single point of failure.

3) Looks damn cool.

I am proud to offer an heirloom quality piece that will last generations. My ultimate goal is to build backpacks that you'll form a bond with, take on adventures, make memories with, and ultimately pass on to future generations to keep the story going.